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XShare is an outstanding application use to transfer files Like Pictures, Videos, Documents, Audios, etc with your friends or anyone and the best part is you can share all these media without having an internet connection. XShare is an android application but we will tell you how you can use the application on your PC/Windows/Mac. Follow the article to see the procedure of downloading it on PC.


Connectivity is very important in today’s time. We all know about Bluetooth, the application basically works as a Bluetooth device but the benefit of using the application is that there is no traffic, no network issues. As Bluetooth sometimes disconnects during the sharing of media, XShare is the fastest sharing application. You just need to scan the QR Code to transfer files anywhere or any device. If you want to keep your photos private and secure you can check an amazing application that is Keepsafe For PC, Windows, Mac – Free Download which protects your data with the help of a PIN code or a fingerprint.

XShare is just like Bluetooth that is used for sharing data with others efficiently. The application takes less time for transferring files no matter how huge the file is.

Important Features

XShare is an amazing application used to share files from one device to another. The application is for both android users as well as for iPhone users. Some of the most common features are as follows.

XShare for pc

Fastest file sharing

A user can share files from one device to another very quickly the same as Bluetooth will do.

Use QR Codes

You just need to scan the QR code and start transferring files easily.

No internet connection required

There is no need to use the internet connection, we can transfer files whether we have internet or net.

Easy to use interface

The application is very easy and simple to use and user-friendly.

How To Install XShare For PC:

The application is available on Android smartphones only but if you want to download it on your PC, then you are at the right place for you. Follow the instructions below:

1-If you want to use an android app on your PC, you need an android emulator which is necessary for using android apps. We suggest you use  BLUESTACKS.

2-And for using Bluestack, You can download Bluestacks from their official site like Bluestacks.

3-When Bluestack installed, the other screen will appear asking for system administration permission, to give that permission then you can use any app easily.

4-Open Bluestack, and log in it with your Google account or make a new Google account for using better google services.

5-Then you can start extracting files from the search engine of the android emulator.

6-Go to the main menu of Bluestacks, there is an icon available of the XShare and you can easily use the app. Always remember that if you want to use any android app to your PC, you need an android emulator.


XShare by using APK

If you want to install XShare on your PC, Windows, Mac, etc. You can use any android app by installing it through the APK method. Just go to the search bar of Google and search for “XShare Apk”, open the right link from the search results. The app will lead you to google play-store where you can easily download any the app.


Q: How to use the application?

First of all, you need to install the application, after the installation is completed. Pair the application with scanning the QR Code. You are ready to use the application and start transferring files.

Q: How to activate XShare?

install the application, and open the application and scan the QR Code and transferring files.

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